About DocMonk

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Who uses DocMonk?

DocMonk was created with these ideas in mind:

  • Publishers of written media face significant challenges in protecting their intellectual property on the internet.
  • Customers demand quick digital delivery of the documents they buy. It's unacceptable to wait even one day for overnight delivery.
  • Customers have the power to act responsibly and protect publishers' rights.
  • By printing the customer's name on their own personal copy of a document, the customer will be motivated to do what he can to protect intellectual property and copyright.

Jay Muntz, Founder
Jay has 12 years experience as a software developer. During that time he's been a part of several successful software development projects and worked with a variety of companies. The idea for DocMonk came to Jay as a result of a consulting job working with custom PDFs. Knowing the issues that high-value information publishers face with online delivery and piracy, the idea of creating a website that could personalize PDFs was an epiphany.