Benefits of DocMonk

  1. Document List: See all of your documents in one place. View your reports or send personalized versions to new recipients.
  2. Customer List: DocMonk makes it easy to upload a customer list in TXT or CSV.
  3. Text Placement: Drag and resize a simple box to place the insertion text on your document.
  4. WYSIWYG Edtior: You have complete control of your insertion text's look and feel.
  5. File Validation: You can see c omplete results of your customer file upload to make sure everything gets handled right.
  6. Access Control: Control when access to your document expires and how many times it can be downloaded.
  7. Results: Browse your recipients and email them their links with one click.

Easy for You

With DocMonk, you can quickly and easily protect your PDF documents from unauthorized copying and sharing, while minimizing inconvenience to your customers. We achieve this by making it super-easy to imprint the buyer's information onto their own personal copy of your PDF publication.

Easy for Them

Your customers do not need to remember passwords, install any software, or endure any type of IT trouble such as pop-up messages or virus alerts. Instead, they receive the benefit of a personalized PDF document with zero hassles.

The Easy Way to Protect Your Work

As a publisher, you are protected because the customers' names are attached to the document you send them. Customers are discouraged from sharing your work because the personalization means such an act could be traced back to them. Additionally, if you discover your publication is being shared, you will be able to tell who is responsible, making it possible to take action against the right person.


  • Scalable: Personalize one document, or thousands at a time by uploading a recipient file.
  • Elegant: You get precise control over the look and feel of your personalization text via a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Unique Web Address: Each recipient receives a unique URL known only to him. Retrieving the personalized document is as easy as clicking the link. The recipient does not need to register or remember a password.
  • Access Limits: Manage access limits such as expiration dates and the maximum number of downloads to make sure that your work only travels as far as you intend it to.
  • Reporting: Robust reporting lets you see which recipients are downloading their files, and which ones aren't. Download reports are much more accurate than email open-rates for determining who is actually seeing your work.
  • Customer Service: An easy-to-use contact form so that customers can notify you of any problems they're having.
  • Optional email delivery of your documents to your customers directly from DocMonk. Close the fulfillment loop and be done!

Advanced Features

  • White Label: For publishers who would like the most professional look and feel possible. With this option, all of the web pages, emails and documents have the DocMonk branding removed and replaced with your corporate look and feel.
  • Custom Email Templates: Add a professionally designed email template to your account to use instead of the default DocMonk email templates.
  • API: Program your website to send personalized documents without human intervention.


Pricing is very reasonable and you pay only for what you use.

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